Light n' Breezy Curtain Sheers

Last we spoke about the family room, we had added some pretty new bamboo shades and the windows were sort of begging for some drapery.

They totally were, I swear.

I decided on some soft-looking white sheer panels.

Seriously, white sheers would have been the last type of curtain panels I would have ever thought of choosing. But after really thinking about what had held me back in the first place from putting them up right away (I didn't want to block any of the pretty natural light in this room), the decision was a practical one.

...Which luckily ended up being super pretty!

I love how soft and billowy they look. 

Another reason I had held off for so long on these was because beside the fact I wasn't 100% sure on what type I wanted, I knew we'd have to have super long ones (120"), which would end up costing quite a bit. So I knew I had to be absolutely sure.

Well, these were majorly affordable.  
No, seriously. They were $23.99 a piece. 


I got four of the "Melrose Shimmer Sheer Grommet Panel" in white from Curtainworks online. 

I'll be honest, the word "shimmer" scared the crap out of me and I was worried about how nice they would look for the price. I definitely took a chance. But I'm so happy I did. They look super nice and give the room a more luxurious vibe.  I'm majorly impressed!

And for the record, they have zero shimmer to them whatsoever, thank goodness.

I also really love how these are grommeted. At that height, the grommets help them open and close easily if we ever wanted a little more privacy and I think the grommets at the top keep them looking perfectly pleated and more "arranged" at the top, rather than more bunched up like pole pockets can look.

This photo below shows just why I didn't want to block any of the light or pretty view...

Ignore the messy cords... When we pulled the table out to put up the curtains, I didn't arrange them back in their little command hooks. Do you guys do that? If you've got a table like this where you can see a massive cord explosion behind, you can just grab some clear command hooks and sort of run the cord through them to keep them straight and out of view.  Cords drive me nuts. Tell me I'm not alone on that... haha

Just for fun, here's a pic of what the room looked like over there about six months ago...

...and what it looks like now! So crazy how different the paint can look in here depending on the lighting!  And because I'm super helpful, I have no idea what it's called. It was newly painted that mystery shade when we moved in.

So what do you all think?? We're really in love with them. I was so impressed with them that I ordered four more for another space. I'll share it soon!!


MAC Proenza Schouler

Happy Hump Day, Loves!
Today I'm back with another MAC collection post! If you missed my MAC Playland post earlier this week, check it out here.

Today, we're moving right along with the very fashionable MAC Proenza Schouler collection...

I mean, dang. Could the packaging be any harder to photograph....

MAC Proenza Schouler
Available now online 
In-store April 24th, 2014
through May 22, 2014

Out of all the new collections, this is definitely the one I was looking forward to seeing in person the most.
First of all, this collection makes total sense to me. If you're familiar with the Proenza Schouler brand, the look and feel of the line is fun and sophisticated. Classic, modern shapes and lines, but with a sophisticated edge and a pop of color here and there.

To me, the colorful gradient packaging is a bit unexpected and really fun to see from MAC. I gotta admit... I got a little excited to see square MAC lipsticks! Yet, the colors themselves are very classic (but still fun).

The collection includes four Lipsticks, two Pro Longwear Lip Pencils, two Blush Ombre blushes, two Pro Longwear Eye Liners, four Nail Lacquer shades, and one 129SE Powder/Blush Brushes.

Let's check out the products I have!

First off, the lip products:

Lipsticks: $22 each
(left-right) PINKFRINGE vivid flamingo pink (satin), MANGROVE bright clean orange-red (matte)

Pro Longwear Lip Pencil: $21 each
HIGH ENERGY bright orange-red cream

You can see from the swatches above, these are pretty solid lipsticks. If you love bright orange-reds, you HAVE to try Mangrove. I'm not a huge red lip kinda' gal, but I need to psych myself up to wear this one. Orange-reds are so big for Spring and Summer!
Pinkfringe is absolutely gorgeous. The pink lipstick lover in me totally swooned over this one. It's not super opaque and scary at first swipe. It's very build-able. Because of that, this one is a winner for me.
I also have my eye on the Woodrose shade which I don't have. It's more of a nude pink. I think I may have to place an order for that one...
The lip pencil in High Energy pairs absolutely perfectly with the Mangrove shade and has the most perfect formula. It's creamy and transfers to the lip wonderfully, however, it's not one of those super creamy lipstick-like lip pencils that will wear off in twenty minutes. This one will last ALL night! If you filled in your lips with this beauty, then layered on a pretty red, you'd have red lips for days.


Next, I have the Nail Lacquer in Thimbleweed.  I'll spare you any photos of this one because it's pretty horrible. Sheer, streaky, nude. Even with three coats. I feel like if I ever feel the need to do a third coat of polish to make it look good, it's no good in my book. There are so many great polishes that don't require a goopy third coat to make pretty. I struggle with MAC nail lacquers. I feel like they could make them so nice! Some I've tried are great, but I'd say a solid 80% of them I've tried over the years are exactly like this one. I just don't get it.

The last product I have from this collection is the 129SE brush (you can see it pictured in the first photo in the post. I was shocked that this little thing is $38! It's the size of a travel brush. This one is going in my purse for touch-ups. While I think it's a great little brush, I'd probably skip it for the price. If you really want a 129 brush, I'd go for the full-sized one (it's a few dollars cheaper).

So that's that for Proenza Schouler for MAC! What do you all think?? The lipsticks are definitely the stand-outs for me...  What are yours??

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How I Get CRAZY Long & Thick Lashes

In my (almost) six years of doing beauty videos and blogging, my most commented-on and asked-about features are my eye lashes.
I totally get that mine are naturally pretty good, but they definitely don't look the way they do without the help of some great products.  I know I'll get questions about this... So I'll go ahead and tell you that I do not use any lash growth serums of any kind. I wish I had a magic formula I loved that I could recommend for growing lashes, but I don't. So for those curious, that's that.

This lash trickery is all about products and techniques.

Even if you don't have great lashes,  you can definitely make them their best and beef them up a bit and make them their best with a few of my favorite products and trickeroos.

So while I think no look is complete without some mascara, this look goes beyond that. For those days when you want something a little extra (without using false lashes, which aren't my favorite).

I hope you all love the look and maybe pick up a life lash-changing trick or two!

Products used:

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MAC Playland Collection Swatches & Review

Hello Loves! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

MAC has SO much good stuff right now... Seriously.
This week, I'll be sharing a lot of new pretties from the new collections, so look for more of these posts throughout the week!

Naturally, I had to start with this super bright and fun collection that very much reflects it's name, Playland.

Available online and in store now
through May 29, 2014

The collection contains 6 Lipsticks, 5 Lipglasses, 3 Casual Color pots, 4 Pigments, and 4 Chromagraphic Pencils all in super bright and playful shades.

Let's check out what I have from the collection!

First off, the lipsticks:

$16. each
(left-right) RED BALLOON hot fuchsia (amplified), PLAYLAND frosty yellow gold (frost), TOYING AROUND hot coral pink (amplified)

Seriously, whoa.
First of all, I LOVE the amplified formulas for super bright shades like this. It gives super opaque color, but still with a gorgeous shine which makes the shade really come alive. Both of the amplified shades are gorgeous, but Toying Around is my favorite. Playland is a little more daring, but is actually pretty sheer so it could be layered over brighter shades for a more dimensional look.

Next up, (probably my favorite products I have from this collection) two of the Lipglass shades:

$15. each
(top-bottom) CAROUSEL creamy pink, LIVE IT UP creamy orange

Crazy gorgeous, right? These are so pigmented and opaque! I love love love them. Especially the gorgeous orange. 

Next, Chromagraphic Pencils:

$16. each
(top-bottom) HI-DEF CYAN hi-def cyan, GENUINE ORANGE bright orange

These pencils are serious business. You can definitely see what amazing payoff they have, which is pretty unique. The consistency is perfect, in that they transfer to your skin like that of a creamier pencil, however, they really have a drier feel that instantly "sets". These are awesome for creating bold and daring pops of color really anywhere on the face.

And finally, two of the Pigment shades:

$21 each.
(left-right) HI-DEF CYAN cyan blue, EVER SO YELLOW soft yellow with pearl

Hi-Def Cyan is one of the prettiest pigments I own. You can see just how opaque and bright the color is. It's so beautiful!  The Ever So Yellow isn't quite as opaque after it's first blended, but it is very build-able which is nice.  It can be worn sheer as a soft wash of pearly yellow, but can easily become the bright yellow shown in the swatch with a few layers of color and some blending.

The collection is available now in stores and online here.

What are your thoughts on this collection?? Any favorites? What stands out to you?

Products provided for consideration by MAC Cosmetics with no agreements or obligations to feature or review. Post contains affiliate links.